Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Summer 2017

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In This Issue

Pope Francis Accepts Patriarch’s Resignation3
Editor's Column: The Deli Dilemma4
Bishop's Column: Flurry of Visitations Continues5
On the Cover Father Bryan McNeil Ordained6
A Path Full of Twists and Turns7
Ecumenism of Blood Will Strengthen our Resolve8
Metropolitan Antiba Writes to Thank US Melkites9
From Eden to Eden: The Righteous Abraham10
What is the Best English Translation of the Bible?12
Receiving the Eucharist in Faith and Love15
The Holy Sepulcher18
American Monk Saves Manuscripts from ISIS20
Where Have All the Christians Gone?21
Orthodox and Catholics are Saving the Unborn22
For the Unity of All Let Us Pray to the Lord23
Holy Week Around the Eparchy24
Decisions, Decisions26
The Vocation of A Priest's Wife — Part Three28
Underground Church Found in Cappadocia29
Your Children are God's Children — Part Four (in Arabic)30
Melkite Quiz Saints of Summer34
Vocations Tour Goes South Again37
Memory Eternal38
Letter to the Editor39
Around the Eparchy40
Visit Our Melkite Communities45
Navigating the Eparchy47

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