Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Summer 2018

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In This Issue

From the Patriarch3
From the Bishop: Late Winter, Early Spring5
Editor’s Column: Towards a 21st Century Church7
Patriarch Youssef will Preside at Convention9
Patriarch’s U.S. Schedule10
Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarchs of Antioch11
Pope and Patriarch Together at Santa Marta12
Pope’s Address to Members of the Synod13
Sweet Memories with Patriarch Youssef (in Arabic)14
Patriarchs of Antioch Condemn Attack on Syria18
UCLA Student Helps Victims of Syria’s Civil War19
Eden to Eden: The Return of the Kings21
In Appreciation for Service in Ministry23
Profile of a Melkite Life: Icons as Catalysts24
Holy Week Around the Eparchy26
A Celebration of Love32
Eparchial Museum Opens, Invites Visitors34
Work & Play: Healthy Mix for Seminarians35
The Catholic World Prayed for Vocations37
Twenty Questions about the Gospel of Matthew38
Around the Eparchy40
Memory Eternal Father Daniel J McCormick47
Melkite Communites to Visit this Summer49

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