Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Winter 2008

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In This Issue

Pascha: The Season for Inner Transformation3
The Resurrection of Jesus4
Food for the Soul5
Serving Local Shelters for Over Two Decades6
A Centennial Celebration7
A Christmas Gift Drive9
Thank You, Beloved Pastor9
Parish Marks Its 50th10
A Joyful Community13
A Reflection14
A Blessed “Encounter” with the Lord15
A Prayer Gathering15
It is Between You and God16
NAMY News17
Melkite Bishop Salim Ghazal of Lebanon receivs international award18
Repentance: A Transfiguring Experience24
Longing for God25
Why an Early Date of Pascha?25
Archbishop Elias Zoghby’s Vision of Christian Unity26
Saint Cyril of Jerusalem: Catechism and Christian Faith30
The Holy Grail of Reprogramming: A New Era for Stem Cells?31
St. Anthony Charity33
Renew a Steadfast Spirit Within Me34
Culture, the Catholic Church and Homosexuality36
Mary’s Well38
Mary’s Well in Arabic39

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