Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Winter 2009

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In This Issue

The Empty Tomb and the Current Financial Crisis3
St. Paul’s Gospel: Participation in Christ’s Death and Resurrection4
M.A.Y.A. Mid-Winter Retreat6
A Community of Joy and Generosity7
News and Activities8
A New Monastic Associate9
Parish Celebrates 25th Anniversary10
Archbishop Joseph Elias Tawil Memory Eternal!12
“Christianity in the Middle East: Ancient Yet Ever New”14
Press Release16
Worshipping God by Going without Eating21
The True Power of Positive Thinking22
Pauline Year also Marks Anniversary of Convocation of Vatican II24
Saint Paul the Pharisee25
Dorotheos of Gaza26
Call Upon Mary28
A Monastic Kind of Life29
The Reverential Fear of the Lord30
New from Sophia Press31

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