Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Winter 2010

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In This Issue

One on the Wall3
The 7 Steps of the History of Salvation4
A Year Ago6
The 200 Club12
A Distinctive Thanksgiving13
An Action-Packed Quarter14
Blessed Events16
Professions of Faith18
2010 Convention19
A Spirited NAMY Group23
Axios! Axios! Axios!23
Immersed in the Melkite Rite for a Day24
A Memorable Evening25
The Thirteenth Apostle Visits New Orleans26
Community Celebrates 100 Years in L.A.28
The Melkite Ladies League29
A Pleasant Evening30
Joyful Celebrations31
On the Nativity of Christ32
The Birth of Hope33
Growing Up Melkite Catholic36
Saint Agatha of Sicily37
Living the Incarnation: The Gift of Love38

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