Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Winter 2013

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In This Issue

Great Lent – Our Renewal of Baptism and Chrismation!3
The Challenges That Lie Ahead4
Our Newest Priest: Fr Musil Shihadeh5
What Can We Even Say About the Massacre at Newtown?6
The “Beautiful” Shepherd Gives Up His Life7
Sharing Our Melkite Faith and Spirituality11
The Early Church and Us: Lessons from St. Ignatios of Antioch12
The Decree on the Eastern Catholic Churches15
To See Peter: Bishops to Rome for Ad Limina Visit16
The Pope Addresses Christians of the Middle East18
“The Church in the Middle East”20
Vatican Praises New UN Status for Palestine23
What is Catholic Social Teaching24
Our Guide to the Biblical Way of Life26
The Origins of Byzantine Chant28
A Window on the History of Our Catechisms32
Thank You to “The Dean”32
Celebrating Priests: National Priesthood Sunday33
My Road to Priesthood34
The Priest After Vatican II35
Eastern Catholic Churches Encounter 201238
M.A.Y.A. Answers a Call to Action39
St. Anne’s Melkite Ladies League in North Hollywood40
Saint Ann’s in Danbury Completes a Busy Fall41
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Reads The Orthodox Way42
Navigating the Eparchy43

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