Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Winter 2015

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In This Issue

From the Editor, We Must be Doing Something Wrong3
Vatican Lifts Ban on Married Priests4
Letters to the Editor5
Peter and Andrew: A Brother's Embrace6
Closer to Communion What the Patriarchates Mean8
Is This the End for Christianity in the Middle East?10
A Forgotten People: The Twice Betrayed Christians of Ma’aloula14
Orthodox Churches in Symphony Hopes for 201617
Voices Across the Divide18
Conversing with God19
Are You Saved? It's More Than Confessing with Your Lips20
Another New Melkite Priest Fr Paul Al Khouri Fallouh 19 Father Deacon Sebastian Carnazzo Ordained22
Family Life is a Call to Live in Love23
Make the Family the Extension of the Church into the World24
The Synod of the Family: An Interview with Fr George Gallaro26
Book Review: The Orthodox Church in the Arab World27
New Head of Antiochian Orthodox Church28
Vocation Tour The Return of the Circuit-Riding Priest29
Quiz What's Your Melkite IQ?30
Melkite IQ Some of the Answers Were Wrong32
Canonization on the Horizon for Two Melkite Nuns33
Eastern Catholic Religious Educators Meet in Arizona34
SS Cyril and Methodius Byzantine Catholic Seminary34
Around the Eparchy35
NAMW News38
Navigating the Eparchy39

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