Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Winter 2018

PDF, 44 pages, 45.6MB

In This Issue

Give Thanks to the Lord In the Bishop’s Appeal 3
Editor’s Column: What’s Going On? 5
Be Pro-Active: Refections on Pastoral Issues 6
Offcial Announcements from the Bishop10
Memory Eternal Deacon Thomas Burke10
Third Edition of Publicans Prayer Book Announced11
You Can Help Your Priest Bond with the Community12
From Eden to Eden: From Egypt to the Promised Land14
For All Those Who Now Serve or Have Ever Served16
In Defense of Christians Summit17
What Your Pastor Won’t Tell You about Giving18
Reclaiming Orthodoxy20
When I Hear Our Music I am in a Sacred Space22
Praying for the Government’s Good Deeds23
The Olive Trees of the Holy Land26
Twenty Questions about the Old Testament28
The Liturgical Year Celebrating Christ (in Arabic)30
Offce of Vocations Report34
When Snoopy Met Scrooge35
Bishops Appeal Corrections and Distribution36
Around the Eparchy37
Navigating the Eparchy43

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