Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Winter 2021

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In This Issue

God With Us Online Educational Offerings3
From the Editor 4
From the Bishop Let Christ Be Reborn in You5
Thank You Eparchy of Newton6
Bishop’s Office and Letter to the Editor7
Lebanon: the plight of Catholic Media8
Life for Egypt’s Christian minority is improving9
Georges Haddad ordained to priesthood10
The Nativity of the New Adam11
A Day in the Life of a Melkite priest in Palestine12
From Police Officer to Priest13
20 Year Anniversary Archimandrite Alexei Smith15
Let’s Look at our Racist Attitudes16
Speak, Lord Your servant is listening!18
US bishops highlight differences with Biden on abortion19
Church, Light of the World (Arabic)20
Church found where Jesus called Peter ‘the rock’24
Memory Eternal: Bishop Gerald Dino, Metropolitan Maximos and Rev Albert Wehby25
California forest fire spares Benedictine monastery26
The State of the Church27
Bethlehem ‘has been devastated’ by COVID-1928
Byzi-Kids I Spy in My Little Icon29
Twenty Questions about the Second Letter to the Corinthians30
Aleppo Rebuillds32
Around the Eparchy33
Navigating the Eparchy39

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