Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Sophia Winter 2022

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In This Issue

God With Us Online Educational Offerings3
From the Editor Looking Back and Moving Forward4
From the Bishop Up & Running Post COVID5
Eparchial Blessings, Ordinations, Appointments7
Axios! Axios! Axios! Fr Thomas Moses Ordination8
My Journey of Faith: One Step at a Time9
San Antonio Clergy Conference10
One Bread Makes Us One Body of Christ11
Bishop Gustavo’s Feast of the Holy Cross Homily14
Letter to the Editor, New Bishop for Canada, New Armenian Patriarch, New Reader Tonsured15
A Profile in True Social Justice16
Melkite Iconography18
Archbishop Cordileone: The ‘Spiritual Reality’ of the Eucharist20
A Joint Message for the Protection of Creation 24 Christ The Physician of Our Souls and Bodies22
Christians in Lebanon Threatened with Extinction26
17 Coptic Christians Go Missing in Libya27
Twenty Questions About the First and Second Letters to Timothy28
How to Raise a Warrior of Faith30
How Qatar Accommodated its Growing Christian Community32
Book Review: How to Be a Sinner34
Why Did Early Christians Pray Facing the East?35
Worship at Sunday Liturgy36
Byzi-Kids I Spy in My Little Icon38
Order of St Nicholas39
The Future of the Ecumenical Movement40
Nativity Fast41
Around the Eparchy42
Navigating the Eparchy47

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