“As faithful stewards, we give back to God a portion of His gifts to us to insure the support of the programs and projects that serve the people of our Melkite Diocese and others.”

Purpose and History

The Order of St. Nicholas was created in 1991 by the late Bishop Ignatius Ghattas. The role of The Order of St. Nicholas is to help create and sustain an environment where our members are acutely aware of their faith, where service and stewardship are at the core of all activity, and where unity and harmony become the essence of our behavior.

The donations from the Members of the Order are used to sustain and grow the Melkite Diocese across the United States.  First and foremost, we are supporting our very own clergy by subsidizing health care and retirement costs.  Our beloved clergy dedicate their life to God and serving our parishes – as our spiritual guides, and through our most important life moments. It is the least we can do to give back and give them peace of mind that their health care and life after retirement is safe and secure.

Another important area of support for the Order is the future of our church – our new parishes, missions, and outreach communities.  As we receive more immigrants from the Middle East and migration patterns within the US change over the years, it is important that we support our new communities, establish and build new parishes, as without these the future of the Melkite church in the US will not remain healthy and vibrant.


Individuals who are invested in the Eparchial Order of St. Nicholas are receiving one of the highest honors that can be bestowed by the Bishop of Newton and the Melkite-Greek Catholic Church in the United States. They are being received into an order dedicated exclusively to the charitable, religious and educational needs of the Melkite Diocese of Newton. By providing the necessary financial, spiritual and social support, the Order of St. Nicholas helps to strengthen the Diocese in its spiritual and developmental efforts by promoting and expanding the Melkite Catholic influence throughout the United States. An invitation to become a member of the Order of St. Nicholas is very carefully considered and is directed only to those of exemplary character and ability who share the Order’s devotion to the needs of the Eparchy. Wearing the medallion of its patron, St. Nicholas of Myra, represents an obligation to serve faithfully on the part of each member.

Standards of the Order of St. Nicholas

At the very heart of our Order is the lay membership. According to our Constitution and Bylaws, our membership is composed from the Diocesan faithful and others who share similar concerns and who qualify under the rules and regulations of the Order of St. Nicholas. Our membership therefore, is not only representative of a group of devoted and talented individuals from within the Catholic community and our nation’s borders, but may also reflect the presence and participation of a diversity of individuals. While the mission and scope of the Order of St. Nicholas is broadly defined, its noble purpose can be summed up in two simple words – “good works”! Therefore, it is by no means coincidental that the nickname of our venerated patron, St. Nicholas of Myra, is translated to mean “Wonderworker.” Our Constitution encourages the Order and all of its members to:

adopt an attitude and lifestyle of Christian stewardship;

promote the interests and welfare of the sick and needy;

contribute time, talent and treasure to approved Diocesan agencies and institutions established to promote the welfare of the unfortunate;

advance and promote existing projects and help create new ones devoted to helping the Melkite Eparchy in meeting its spiritual, temporal and humanitarian needs.


Current categories of Membership in the Order of St. Nicholas are as follows:

Wonderworker Member: $1,000 yearly pledge

Husband and Wife – Family membership: $1,500 yearly pledge.


Contact Information

If you would like more information on becoming a member, please contact:

National Co-Chairpeople               Dr. Sherine Rabbat & Mr. George Mussalli

Phone                                                   617-510-5743


Download the Donation Form       Order of St. Nicholas Donation Form